trojan in bittorrent (ukrtel.net)

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This is a cross-post from the avast forums: http://forum.avast.c...p?topic=77661.0

I got this (see attached screenshot) warning from Avast today that bittorrent.exe was accessing a secure POP server. Even though I trust bittorrent, this behavior is somewhat odd and I immediately suspect that my bt was hijacked by a botnet. I immediately killed the bittorrent process and uninstalled it, but how would I make sure that the same problem won't recur if I reinstall BT? Anyone with any help/suggestions/tips in this regard? thanks

(file uploader seems broke, see attachment on original post: http://forum.avast.c....0;attach=64637)

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Actually, that's most likely a false positive.

What is more likely to have happened is that a remote user is using the port normally used for secure POP as their listen port.

You can block outbound connection attempts to these ports in the advanced preferences.

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