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Guest Susie T

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Guest Susie T

I've been using BitTorrent for years now, and but I have always hated the Search field that is built into the client. Intuitively I think that if I type a term into the Search field, the system will search for torrents that match the search criteria on my C:\ drive or that are displayed in the window. But no, using that search field searches external websites.

It would be helpful to have the ability to search one's own torrent files. And it goes without saying that the system would need to match on partials due to the unique naming convenstions.

An example of why this would be helpful: I download a lot of tv shows and movies. Searching my torrents would allow me to easily and quickly see last episode I downloaded. Sometimes I can't remember whether I downloaded a movie or not. The workaround is to open my C:\ and see if the file is there. When I'm done watching a show or a series, I have to delete them because of my limited drive space. It would be so much easier if I could enter a title or keyword in a search field, and have all the matching torrents would show up in the BitTorrent client. I could then simply, one-by-one delete the torrent+data. This would take me off the seeder list and clean up my c:\. My current process for this is to periodically delete the video files from my media player but the torrent file remains. Now I have no idea which torrents are tied to real video files and which are just hanging out there.

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