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Port Not Open & Tracker Connections Timed Out


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before i get started, thanks so much in advance for your help.

i have several questions about UTorrent ports:

1. why would the port close?

2. how do i open the same or another port?

3. where or how would i find one?

4. would i have 2 do any complicated manual configurations?

5. what is port-forwarding & is it essential to my UTorrent port? if so, why?

6. do i need 2 download port forwarding software?

7. does closed ports affect download speeds?

**when instructing me, please keep in mind that you're dealing w/a novice or a "computers 4 dummies" member lol. so please, nothing TOO complicated**

Now, for the 2nd subject...trackers. my UTorrents saying that 2 of the connections have timed out.

1. will this slow down my download speeds?

2. how can i check 2 find out how or why the connections timed out?

3. is updating the only solution 4 reconnecting time-outs?

again thank you SO MUCH, 4 any solutions u can give me. i appreciate it

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