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Picking up no connections


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Okay, so before anything, I want to say that I'm sort of dumb about this whole torrent thing. So please cut me some slack. :D

Second - I cannot get any connection on Bittorrent at all. I had Utorrent yesterday; downloaded the program, it worked great for about 30 minutes. Then it wouldn't connect back to my router. I assumed it was the program, uninstalled and downloaded Bittorrent instead. Bittorrent won't pick up a signal either. I have done the run tests thing, and it tells me that everything is fine (two green checks, both for the bandwidth and for the network; says that the port is open and that it's properly configured). Yet, it still won't work. It's not connecting to anything.

So, can someone tell me what I need to try and do to fix it? Or is my internet company blocking it somehow? And, again, please use layman's terms to explain, because most of this stuff I don't understand.

Thank you!

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