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Downloads don't show after re-install of Win 7 and Bit Torrent


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I had to re-install Win 7 after a chronic BSOD episode. Before I wiped the drive I was able to backup my completed downloads and their .torrent files iin Safe Mode to an external drive. After re-installing Win 7 and Bit Torrent I transferred the backed-up downloads and .torrent files to the directories I specified in Bit Torrent Preferences, but none of them show up when I start Bit Torrent. Is there any way to get Bit Torrent to recognize these files?

Thanks for any help.


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Well, it looks like I still need some help with this problem. The situation now is as follows:

I have all my previously completed downloads in my Finished Downloads folder and all the related .torrent files in a Dot Torrents - Finished folder. They show up only under the Downloading and Inactive headings in the Torrent listings in Bit Torrent. However, under both headings the status column reads "Error: Can't open .torrent". When viewing the .torrent files in the Dot Torrents - Finished folder it doesn't show the Bit Torrent icon next to the file name and the File Type column lists them all as LOADED files instead of TORRENT files.

I've tried following the directions for migrating the completed files and .torrent files at the page linked to above, but so far I can't get anything to work. All of the downloaded files are complete and playable and all the .torrent files are exactly as they were in the previous install when everything was working as it should.

Any help that anyone could provide would be greatly appreciated.


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Okay, so I just created a new folder under Bit Torrent called "Dot Torrents - Completed"

Previously, I had the following:

"Store .torrents in" pointing to "Dot Torrents - Active"

"Move .torrents for finished jobs" set to "Dot Torrents - Finished"

"Automatically load .torrents from" set to "Dot Torrents - Finished"

I now have "Automatically load .torrents from" pointing to "Dot Torrents - Completed"

So now all three point to different folders

I currently have all of my .torrent files (shown as LOADED files in My Computer) for completed downloads in the "Dot Torrent - Finished" folder

and all of the finished downloads in the "Completed Downloads" folder. All other folders are empty.

After saving the change in Preferences and restarting Bit Torrent it still has the message "Error-Can't open .torrent" listed after every file listed in

"Downloading" and "Inactive".

Is there some action I need to take at this point to force Bit Torrent to change this?

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Okay, I did all of the above and I'm about to re-add the .torrent files. Do I use "File > Add Torrent"?

How can I get Bit Torrent to recognize the already completely downloaded files in the "Completed Downloads" folder associated with these .torrent files so that it doesn't try to download them again? (I tried adding one test .torrent file with it's associated downloaded file located in either the "Completed Downloads" folder or the "Active Downloads" folder and in both cases it just tries to re-download the file)

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I need a little clarification.

I currently have the completed files (which is all of them) in the "Move completed downloads to:" > Completed Downloads folder.

The "Put New Downloads In:" > Active Downloads folder is empty.

All of my completed .torrent files are in the "Move .torrents for finished jobs to:" > Dot Torrents - Finished folder

The "Store .torrents in:" > Dot Torrents - Active folder is empty

Do I need to move any of these files to another location?

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