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constant crashing

Guest Francesco

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Guest Francesco


I've been having the most frustrating problems with bittorrent lately. When its running sometimes i'll go check on some downloads or uploads and bittorrent is frozen, the icon is in the system tray but i can't open bittorrent or right click the icon. I tried waiting up to an hour for it to unfreeze but still wouldn't open. So i have to enter task manager to shut down bittorrent, which causes a whole new mess of problems. I then open bittorrent back up and all my downloads say checking...except after 2 hours of checking and no progress my downloads are stuck, sometimes at this point biottorrent freezes up again right when i open it and i have to close the program again and open it up. I though maybe the checking was crashing it, but how long does bittorrent take to check a file thats a few hundred mb? I left bittorrent frozen for a couple hours and nothing, still frozen so I've kind of been in this loop for the past few days. This happens occasionally, I was going to post this same problem a couple weeks ago but it stopped happening eventually after just removing all my downloads. I'm going to assume there isn't some easy answer to my problem, but I never once experienced any problems with bittorrent before the new build. Like recently maybe a few months ago or more bittorrent updated and really changed a lot, im guessing it went from build 6 to 7 or 7.something to what it is now. Is there an older version I can roll back too, never had a problem before, but since this new build I;ve had problem after problem. Includingt the flushing to disk problem that just wont go away no matter what solutions i found on these forums. It still flushes and for example yesterday I downloaded a tv show (300mb) in 2 minutes, the flushing to disk took 45 minutes.

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