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I'm sure this is something I have done, but...

Recently, all my in-progress downloads have changed in the status bar from "Downloading, XX.XX%" to "Queued" and have apparently stopped. All new downloads stay queued at 0.00%. Completed downloads are now in "queued seed" status. This problem happened once before when my hard drive filled to near capacity, however this time I am working with a approximately 24.9 GB of free space. Not sure how to get these DLs moving again?

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I am also having this problem. I can force the torrents through the torrent properties.

If I do not touch the mouse, BiTorrent operates as normal but as soon as I move the mouse it queues all downloads. In the status bar it says "Stopped by user activity and also disables DHT.

If I leave the mouse alone after aproximately 10 seconds all starts up again.

Can you hhelp with this please

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