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Unstable downloadspeeds

Guest Rene

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Hello all,

I reinstalled my windows 7 yesterday and reinstalled BitTorrent aswell. Unofortunately it doesn't work well. When I download a torrent and start downloading with bittorrent it starts with a normal downloadspeed of 1Mb+/s, which is normal for the site i'm downloading from. But after a few minutes it suddenly starts to decrease down to 3 kb/s. I've got the same thing with public torrents. When I want to download them they start at normal speed such as 350 kb/s bu al of a sudden they go down to 1 kb/s.

I find this very strange, especially with the torrents that are supposed to be stable (they are stable on another pc). I have no clue what the cause of this could be since it worked fine before. I installed evrything correctly and haven't got any downloadspeed/peer limits.

If one of you knows a solution i'd be glad to hear it. Thanks in advance.


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