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Not all Downloads are Seeding

Guest Chris McConnell

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Guest Chris McConnell

Only the recent downloads are seeding and uploading. I've tried changing the upload limits in preferences, but the files marked Finish are not uploading.

Bandwidth Max upload rate = 100

Alternate upload when not downloading 1000

Max download rate=0

Global max # of connections = 3000

Max # of connected peers per torrent = 60

# of upload slots per torrent = 10

Select "Use additional upload slots if speed <90"

Queueing Max active =100

Max downloads=90

Seed ratio=-1 (Unlimited)

Check "Seeding task have higher priority"

Do not Limit upload rates

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Guest Chris McConnell

"Finished" is a stopped torrent state. Unless you actually start them, they won't even attempt to seed.

Queued and Seeding are started torrent states, and will actually upload.

Thanks. Selecting the items and pressing the play button, re queued them to seed.

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