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many seeds none in my swarm


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This has happened more than once, there are lots of seeds(30+), and peers (150+), but in my swarm of 44 peers, not a single seed and this situations has lasted for 2 days. Our downloading is trickling along at fractions of a kb/s and our "downloaded" vs "available" numbers are virtually identical. This is annoying when we see so many seeds out there, how can I connect to another swarm that has seeders? Is there a way to manually switch swarms? I have lost downloads because they never finished because of this situation, I am talking patiently waiting for over a month for a file and having to give up on it even though it showed seeders out there.

Assistance would be greatly appreciated, or if there is a rationale for this condition, that would at least soothe my savage breast somewhat and I could quit sacrificing chickens while performing the curse dance to the swarm gods.

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