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Setting Torrent upload bandwidth priority


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At the moment the problem I have is that I have very high positive ratio on some torrents and very low, less than 1 on others.

I would like to achieve parity on all torrents if possible.

I have now found an option where I can prefer the upload priority (High, normal, low) and it is helping but I have to set the priority for each individual torrent.

It would be fantastic if there was a tab showing the three groups and the torrents in each group along with their respective ratio, and you could just drag a torrent from one group to another.

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If there is no-one wanting to download from the torrent, there is nothing you can do except wait and keep seeding.

However there is a method of altering seeding priority, or at least my tests indicate this is the case, and it could be better implemented.

I have observed it often enough that my full upload bandwidth was servicing torrents for which I had well over a parity ratio, and yet other torrents where I was well under parity, there was nil activity although 20 or more peers wanting the files I have.

Explain that.

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