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My desktop icons have the Bittorrent file icons?


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My internet browser icons (Internet Explorer and Google Chrome) have a Bittorrent file icon, and when I click on them, Bittorrent opens (even after I exit and shut it down) and a warning pops up that says "Unable to load "chrome.exe": torrent is not vaild benecoding." It started doing it to all of my files when I tried to open them, even my sticky notes and skype. I have no idea what happened- did Bittorrent somehow convert my files on my PC, or do I have a hidden virus? My antivirus software (Avira) hasn't detected anything unusual in any of my files.

I uninstalled Bittorrent, but my icons still have the Bittorrent file icon. When I open any of my files, it asks me which program to use to open it. It does it every time. I try to open Google Chrome and it asks me what program to use, I go to program files and select chrome.exe and it opens it just fine. I save my preferences and contine. When I exit out and try to open it again, it asks me what program to use AGAIN. It won't save the setting, and it does it to EVERY program. How do I fix this? And what the hell is going on?

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