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Issues with BitTorrent 7.2.1 & DNS lookup

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Interesting issue: I reinstalled BitTorretn 7.2.1 fresh as I thought it may have been having an issue with DNS lookups failing on my PC (Win7 SP1). Here's the dirty details:

1. Upgraded to Time Warner Cable's Roadrunner Turbo EXTREME (50MBS down / 5MBS up) and all was good. The upgrade not only was on the provisioning of the service, but also an installation of a new cable modem by TWC. Internet radio worked well, YouTube videos were great. Happy camper...for now.

2. Brought up BitTorrent 7.2.1 to continue some, ahem, "consenting adult subject material". Looked for a bit, then my connection dropped in both IE9 and BT7.2.1. Tried to ping wwww.rr.com (TWC recommended first step) and no joy: "cannot resolve" DNS error. Ran "nslookup www.rr.com" and after about 5 attempts (time outs), it failed to resolve the DNS name.

3. Exited BT7.2.1 and was about to call Roadrunner Support when ping/tracert/nslookup started working. Ran some connectivity tests (speedtest, pingtest, etc) and it looked wonderful. Went to YouTube, etc, and watched listened to various topics which all worked as designed.

4. Started BT7.2.1 again. Whomp, there it went, with lost connectivity and failing pink/tracert/nslookup (DNS server time outs).

5. Uninstalled BT7.2.1 and reinstalled fresh with no outstanding torrents. Started fresh BT7.2.1 sans torrents and it connects to other hosts, etc.

6. Went to www.rarbg.com and opened the torrent for "Rio". Guess what? I lost connectivity and the failing pink/tracert/nslookup returned(DNS server time outs).

7. Deleted new torrent and all was better.

Is this some clever strategy by TWC/Roadrunner to block BitTorrent, or is there a way around this issue?

Sign this "mystified"...

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