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Bencoding error on a VALID torrent file

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I have recently been receiving the error "torrent is not valid bencoding!" when trying to open several different torrent links from the site. A search of this board shows that in some cases this error has been caused because the link is not to an actual torrent file. In my case I have downloaded the .torrent file and opened it in a text editor, and it appears to be in the right format. In addition, when I click on the "use magnet" instead, the file then properly opens in BitTorrent.

An example torrent file can be found on the following page:

When I click on the "torrent" download I get the "bencoding" error in BitTorrent.

when viewed in a text editor the .torrent file looks like this:


I have also attached the downloaded .torrent file for your review.

When I click on the "use magnet" link it opens properly in bitTorrent and downloads.

I am using BitTorrent 7.7 build 27949 [32-bit]

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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