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can down/upload anywhere but home


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new to this forum. ive been using bittorrent for at least a year now and never come across this before.

I can still get torrents working fine if i log on to anyones elses wifi apart from my own.

ive not changed anything on my laptop (as its working everywhere else) the only recent change is ive moved over to sky broadband at home.

what would usually take about half an hor is coming up weeks! one miute it will speed up then it wil come to grinding halt.

any help would be appriciated but please give it to me in lamens terms as im not savvy when it comes to the notty gritty of a laptops workings :(

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It's probably ISP interference, although you may want to look into the settings of whatever hardware Sky gave you to connect to the internet.

hi thanks - i owuldnt even now where to start to be honest. however i ran the test thingy on bittorrent and it said i didnt have a port open - so i opened a port (still dont know how i done it) now its saying that the server does not support the client - it was ticked before now its a cross - you can imagine how frustrated i am getting mwith this

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