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Downloads not starting/loading info at all ???


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Lately whenever I start a torrent download (from the piratebay) it is unable to find the contents of the torrent and does not load any info on the torrent, it just sits there doing nothing. Also if I click "check for updates", it comes back a few minutes later saying "could not connect to server".

This is driving me crazy, what is wrong ?

Forgot to mention, that they do start sometimes after quite a while, not sure why theres this delay.


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What internet security software do you have installed?

Who is your internet provider?

I use Mcafee Total Protection. Although I don't see how it could be my av as the torrents do still work after a while (I tried disabling the firewall too).

My ISP is Telkom South Africa.

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Did you try with McAfee uninstalled temporarily?

No, but as I said they do eventually start, so the av can't be blocking them or else they would never start.

Maybe I will take some screenshots next time I try a download....I really don't know what the problem is, Maybe the ISP is throttling them/trying to block downloads.

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