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Download speed problem


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I have been using bittorrent beta 8.0 (build 25341 - 32-bit) for more than a year and had yet to see a problem until this one. I have a 20 mbps internet connection working just fine, other than torrent files. Although i have tried many files(all of them are popular), usually download at 20-30 kb/s.(before, usually 500 kb/s- have even seen 2.6 mb/s!) I have also tried the last version of utorrent alpha and it is the same. I have resetted my modem but it also didn't work. Seeding ratios are 0. Both download and upload speeds are unlimited.(read that lowering upload speed might work, set it 20 or sth, nothing changed). Is there anything i can do?

I really appreciate your help!

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