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Bittorrent torrent download stuck at zero percent.


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If you look at the attached picture, then you will see my open bittorrent on my laptop with a the download and upload speed. The torrent that is being downloaded has a lot of seeders. link for reference: <munched - please don't link content> Notice also that there areno values displayed for ETA, down speed, up speed, seeders/peers etc. It has been like this for a while now.The download just sits there, not doing anything.

I have a pc with bittorrent working on it ok using the same router. Both are windows 7 home basic 64 bit.

I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling bittorrent and utorrent a few times and adding magnet links with high seeders/leechers ratio from the pirate bay. Nothing worked.

The last thing I did with the laptop before the problem started is uninstall some program using revo uninstaller. Perhaps that messed it up.

Lets get this up and running again. ;)

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I suspected that it was the revo uninstaller that messed things up so I downloaded "Free Window Registry Repair". I ran it and fixed errors. I now have my download running at 100kB/s.

I used the advanced uninstall in revo uninstaller to remove all traces of another program before the problem with bittorrent occurred. I must have not carefully selected files to remove,thus affecting the bittorrent, and repaired the damage with the Free Window Registry Repair.

I'm still learning but could we say that repairing the registry can help with stuck downloads in bittorrent?

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