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Manually adding a peer does NOTHING..


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I am running the latest version: 7.7 Build 27987 [32 bit]

I have a private torent loaded and am trying to MANUALLY add a peer and port in IP:port format.

It seems to do absolutely nothing.

It takes whatever you type into the box and jsut eats it and then does nothing, no error no connect no nothing.

I've done this before in older versions without issues.

I am trying to connect to a known peer on the gigabit network with no firewalls and direct connectivity.

I know the host is listening on the port I am telling it to connect to.

Nothing is happening,

If I put any other IP or even random text into the add peer dialog box it just eats it and does nothing and does not report any errors nor does it add the peer.

Please Help me here and thanks.

I'm about to try a wireshark trace and am fulling expecting to see the same thing there (NOTHING).



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