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[Help] Torrent Using Proxy


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Hello, everyone!

I want to ask something regarding torrent using proxy.

I have this case:

My institute network using proxy system for internet. It's HTTP proxy, let's say the proxy domain is "proxy.institute.com".

People who want to use it should do a proxy setting first which could be done in LAN setting (using Windows). Type the proxy domain on the "Address" and "8080" on the "Port". Then by opening internet browser, type any web address on the address bar, authentication login dialog box will appear.

Okay, let's back to the topic.

I want to download via torrent using proxy. In BitTorrent > Preferences > Connection > Proxy Server section, I already set

Type: HTTP

Proxy: proxy.institute.com

Port: 8080

Authentication > Username: blabla and Password: ******

And the result is zero. I started the torrent and there's no progress.

Any solution?

Sorry for my bad English. Thank you so much for your help. :)

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