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Error: Can't open .torrent file


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my bit torrent was working perfectly yesterday but when I woke up this morning to check on its progress I see this message in front of each torrent file

error: Can't open .torrent file: .......

what happened ?! what went wrong ?! I haven't touched anything and neither changed the original location of them ! some of them even was at 90% !!!

they are all in one location but the thing is the bit torrent still works for some of the files and queued them but the rest is in the error status !!!

what should I do ?! please help me I have waited weeks for some torrents to get completed but now they are error !! no downloaded size no remaining size nothing...

please walk me through this issue, I sure will be happy


cant attach the picture it starts to upload and then ... error: server ....

p.s I already told you yesterday morning it was working perfectly and I haven't touch my PC since today's morning when I found out there is this problem !!!

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