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Crazy download speed difference between iTransmission for ipod and bittorrent my pc


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Hey guys....I normally use bittorrent on my pc to download stuff and get a consistent speed of a 250kB/s on a 2Mbps connection.When I tried using my ipod touch 3rd gen 32GB to download stuff via itransmission(cydia app) I got download speed that was fluctuating between 1000-1500kB/s for the same torrent(WWE 13) from the same source(piratebay)

I would like to know if it is possible to achieve the same speed on my pc and why am I not getting that kind of speed on my pc?Does it have to do with bittorrent setting or my firewall?? please help


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I am running windows 8 x64. Have no antivirus or antimalware installed...use windows defender and firewall is on...

Here are the setting of my bittorrent app(PC)






itransmission on ipod





Do you require any other info??? thanks alot!

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Hey I followed a youtube video and then used the same settings...Now I have deleted setting.dat and settings.dat.old and I'm back to the original settings.When I press ctrl+g I get a pop up but next to bandwith I cant find my country(India)...am I supposed to get that option??? Neways I ran the test and have attached a pic of the result..please help.. thanks!


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