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Major n00b needing some assistance - Burning torrent files to DVD + More


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Hey Folks, as the title implies I'm pretty clueless on this sort of thing but I'm assuming it's fairly simple. I looked up similar situations, but none pertained to my specific problem... so alas here I am looking for some wisdom.

I use Bit torrent and have for years, but I usually just watch downloaded videos on my computer. Well, my computer is old and totally fried (it was well past its time) so I am using my roommates computer to try and download videos as I usually would and then just burn them to a DVD-R and play them on my DVD player on my TV.

​Sounds simple, right? Well I guess it is except every time I tried in the past it never wound up working. I download most of my videos in .mp4 format, so I'd prefer that unless it makes more sense to go with a different format. Could someone suggest a free program I can download that will allow me to burn my .mp4 videos downloaded from bit torrent onto a regular DVD-R that will play in a regular DVD player on a TV?

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated by both myself and my roommate who wants his computer back now. Thank you. :D

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