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something strange happening - list of peers continues to increase


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I'm trying to download a torrent, but something strange is going on. At the moment I have 4 (14) listed as seeds, but 56 (2055) peers, and the number in brackets is increasing every second. Perhaps because the nodes are updating.

The curious thing, however, is that at first, nearly all of the peers were listed as PC-casa, which is the name of my own computer, and all with the same (my) version of bittorrent. I stopped the download for a few minutes, then restarted again, and now the majority of peers show an American flag and the address is www.routerlogin.com [uTP]. I've just checked, and most of these peers have now changed to PC-casa [uPT] again. The percentage is the same as my download.

I don't really understand why my PC is included multiple times in the list of peers that I am seeing.

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