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queued seed question / help


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I am somewhat new to this so please forgive me if this is stupid, but I dont think it is.

I understand the basics (or think I do) and I want to keep things going and be a good torrent user so I want files to seed after I download them.

So, I downloaded a bunch and everything was seeding (not everything was steadily uploading but everything was seeding). then I had to turn off my computer for a little bit and when I got back online only the first few were seeding and most were "queued seed"... I waited and waited and they stayed queued.

WHY? if I want all those available for other users to access why wouldnt they be available? they were previously, so I know its not that you cant have a bunch seeding at the same time.

anyway, at least for tonight I selected them all and force started them, so they are all seeding now. but I am sure this isnt what I should have to do.

any help explaining this would be appreciated, but I really cant imagine having a bunch downloading and more queued for download is fine with only a couple things seeding...


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thank you, but putting aside the performance of my downloads, isnt it better for me to have more files seeding so they are available for people that want them, than having less that upload faster? some files have very few or no people seeding.

also, even if I do let bittorrent manage them 100%, I would still like to understand why when I first downloaded them, they all ended up seeding, but when I logged off and then back on, it doesnt have them all seed. I dont understand why less should seed after a reboot than 1 hour earlier. it makes no sense to me, and I hate when I dont understand something (tried going offline, closing program and starting it again, just to see if the same thing happened, and it did. even after running for 5 hours, it still didnt have all the files seeding, and I only had one new file finish downloading, so there is no way i had too many files to seed at once).

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Old post but I am experiencing the same problem so here we go. The response given by Harold suggests letting bittorrent manage seeding, but that is exactly what the topic starter was doing. The problem is that bittorent is placing everything in "queued seed" status when everything should be in "seed" status. The limit settings in the preferences dictate how many of those seeds are actually uploading data.

Right now nearly all of my torrents are "queued seed" with zero kb/s uploading when I know for a fact that at least a dozen of those torrents should be seeding. I can confirm this by changing the maximum allowed active torrents from 8 to 800 and all of my torrents will change to "seeding" and very quickly I will be uploading 1mb/s+. I can then change back to 8 maximum and every torrent will remaining "seeding" but only 8 will be active and I will continue to upload 1mb/s+. However, the next time I start Windows, all of my torrents will once again be "queued" with zero upload activity. I went back to version 7.7.2 but the problem persists.

I've had bittorent running everyday with the exact same settings for years with automatic updates so I can't think of what caused this other than a recent update.

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Hey there,I had the same problem today and solved it by Unclicking 'Enable Scheduler'!Before you do that check your status in the bar below,if it is 'Stopped by Scheduler' and DHT is 'Disabled'..then proceed:


Options>Preferences>Scheduler>Unclick 'Enable Scheduler'


I am assuming you had checked your 'Queuing'' settings,if not go ahead: 

Options>Preferences>Queuing and check your both 'Maximum number of torrents' and 'Maximum number of downloads'...if the numbers are alright and have nothing to do with queuing,like if you have set higher numbers..it should be fine (assuming you often clear up bittorrent)!


Another reason for the problem could be 'Transfer Cap' settings,

Options>Preferences>Transfer Cap>Unclick 'Enable Transfer Cap' if it is clicked,it is possible that you have expired the limit set!


One of those three is bound to work..if not,get in touch!

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My settings are already as you recommend.  For a while I set my "maximum # of active torrents" to 800 and for some reason that worked; all of my torrents were in seeding status but only 8 were active at any time.  However, a month or two ago I started noticing that the number of active torrents was getting up to a dozen or more so now I'm back to 8 as the max in preferences.  And still having the problem as described in my previous post.

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