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I've got problems!!!


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I have the BitTorrent Anonymizer open on my desk top. I am a beginner with BitTorrent and installed the program yesterday. I have no idea what I have or don't have on the screen. This is a photo of what I have on the screen: Well never mind. I don't think it pasted. Oh, well!!! One of those days.

There are icons to click on and nothing happens. If I close the file it won't reopen. Sometimes it comes up on the screen and I have no idea how it happens. It looks like it's downloading some file but every time it comes up on the screen it is starting over.

Is this program junk or what? I wrote to support yesterday. No response. Wrote to them today. No response except, please be patient. I'm getting less so.

Anyone have any ideas what's going on with this program?


Verrrrry Frustrated

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