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To Harold Feit

I can understand when members don't get involved in a query but when an administrator replies and then doesn't follow up I think it is disgraceful.

2921 posts got you 2 stars. I assume that the more posts you create the more stars you get but I'm not impressed.

You could at least reply and if necessary just say "Sorry, can't help. Not my area of expertise"

If this constructive criticism breaches your code of conduct so be it.

I won't be back to see if you have answered or deleted this message.

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What IP address?

Why are you expecting me to respond to every post within 2 hours (physically impossible, I'm not a robot)?

It's actually quite insulting to me and to you for you to expect me, who does this as one of MANY jobs, to respond to every post within such a short timeframe. Most tech support ticket systems at other businesses give 24-72 hour turnaround. You expecting less of us is not realistic.

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