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BitTorrent client installed on Buffalo NAS not working


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Hi Everybody,

I have 2 Buffalo NAS LS-WVL: one run with 1.56 firmware, the other with 1.63 firmware.

I'm member of All.hdvnbits.org, hd-torrents.org, hd-space.org, blu-torrents.net, hdme.eu, hs-tracker.org, beyondhd.org, hd-viet.com, hd-tracker.com, hd-bits.ro, freshontv.ru

However, the built-in BitTorrent client while running with most of private tracker, it is not working with the bold sites: hd-torrents.org and hd-bits,ro. :angry:

I really don;t know how to fix this problem and have to use a PC 24/7 at least 1 week/month to keep running minimum for not being banned as the sites' rule.

Any one has experience, let advice how can I fix it.

Thank you very much.

Happy New Year!!! :D

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