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error write to disk : access denied


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Having this problem for a while now.

When I shut down bittorrent when there's still a download in progress, the next time bittorrent starts, I get the message that the download status of the torrent is in error. after I restart it, I then get write to disk error, acces denied after it downloaded the first bit. Changing download location fixes this problem, however the incomplete files bittorrent has problems with remain in the original location and even with explorer I can't delete them. I tried it with a program called unlocker, but it says the file is not in use and even using the option of remove on restart doesn't do anything.

Allready there's several GB's on all my hard drives that I'm unable to remove.

I must however say that the problem started since I got my new computer with windows 8. allready tryed utorrent as well, but same deal. No other programs give me grief.

Also read about the folder access, but I have full acces on all. tryed to run bittorrent with admin rights and without, with no luck. tryed reinstalling bittorrent with no luck.

Anyone having any idea what it could be, please let me know. But i really hope I shouldn't have to reinstall windows 8.

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