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Not Downloading - "Connecting to Peers"


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Things were working well until yesterday afternoon - my download speed started dropping and it was not a problem with my internet connection as far as I could tell, though I am guessing that it was the program that interfering with my ability to browse and stream music on the internet. (

I then restarted BitTorrent and things got even worse, as speeds never picked back up and I wasn't actively downloading anything. I also upgraded to the latest version. I am only see "Connecting to Peers" for the files I am trying to download but no downloads.

I tried playing around with the preferences: number of connections, etc., with the advice I've seen online but that hasn't helped.

Also, the program does prevent me from accessing my modem - I get a 500 error message on the modem page - too many connections? However, this used to happen only after BitTorrent has been running some time, but now it happens immediately, right after I start up BitTorrent.

Sorry if this is a relatively easy problem, I'm not tech-saavy.

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as of July 2013, my torrent isn't working. It always says "connecting to peers" or "downloading 0.0" but it isn't downloading at all.

I tried uninstalling reinstalling bit torrent, restarting pc, installed old version of bit torrent, tried it in different PC, configured the settings but still no progress at all. I think that the issue is with the bit torrent itself. anyone can enlighten me about this? thanks

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