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red exclamation point problem with u torrent 1.9


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I have written to u torrent several times trying to find out how I can get help with the problem that started after I downloaded the new 1.9 version-but no answer..in the forum it was suggested to write to BitTorrent-so I'll try that-I'll try anything!!..I am new at this-so please be patient..I have a os x mac. The problem starts after the download is complete-a red exclamation point shows up in front of the name and it looks like there is nothing there-but if I go in finder I can find the file complete-but this eliminates my ability to seed!!-plus for every download I get a duplicate that shows up as a blank page symbol with .import written under it..please if anyone here can help I would appreciate it-I usually have trouble when I have downloaded a new version of u torrent-last time it took about a month and having to download several newer versions before they had fixed all of the bugs-hope you can help..thanks

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