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Download and upload speeds are extremely low?


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Hi there. I seriously need help as soon as possible. I'm not really good with connection/networks things, but here's my problem.

For the past year I've been using uTorrent and it's been working great, without a single glitch. A few days ago, it didn't download any metadata for a torrent that had a large number of seeders. I re-installed it and it worked fine again.

But then the day before yesterday, I was downloading another torrent and it stopped at 39.6% for like 5 hours. I tried re-installing again but nothing changed. I started doing somethings in the preferences from what I saw in forums, but no results.

Then I download BitTorrent yesterday. It had the same problem, the metadata wouldn't even download, and after some changes, it eventually did. But the download speed dropped down so hard, I average at 0.3Kb/s, sometimes at 10kb/s. Like yesterday I was downloading a torrent with the size of 2.38 GB and that had 1279 seeders and 200 leechers, and after 7 hours of download, it only reached till 19%. A torrent similar to that one, would usually take me 1-2 hours maximum.

I have all the settings that I've configured attached and I tried several others ones. One of the changes I made, increased the speed up to 125Kb/s, but only for like an hour, and then it was back 0.3kb/s.

I also tried the Setup Guide (ctrl+G) and it was of no good use since the test itself never finishes. i've attached the results it gives me down.

Please, please, please help me out here, and again i remind you that i'm not familiar with connection/network malfunctions and terms. So if you are kind enough to suggest something, then PLEASE explain it. I would be very very grateful :mellow:

Please help me out, I don't know what I would do without a torrent client :(

Also, here's my internet speed from speedtest.net


Thank you :)









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