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Download gets stuck around 99.7% and keeps downloading


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I came across this issue a while ago, like a month ago. The issue is as follows: the torrent repeatedly downloads the last few percentages without making any progress, thus resulting in excessive download time.

Let's say I have a torrent with a file I wish to have, like I had mere minutes ago. I set it up, have a destination folder, name everything, and start it. Takes a while to gather seeders and achieve a normal DL speed, but it gets there eventually. Download goes smoothly, until it reaches about 99% progress.

At that point things get out of hand. First, the download speed drops drastically. Second, it keeps downloading, slowly, but achieves little actual progress. Third, the remaining amount of data left to download appears to be going down, as well as the percentage goes up, until a certain point the "remaining" jumps up and the percentage drops down back to 99.5% or so.

It keeps this pattern for a while until it decides it had enough, finishes downloading the part that is actually missing, and declares complete.

This issue bothers me for 2 reasons. The first is the most obvious, download now takes a significantly longer time to complete. The second is that BitTorrents simply downloads redundant data.

I've just downloaded 263MB of a 170MB torrent. I once downloaded 1020MB of a 400MB torrent.

Something here is wrong, and I don't know what stands behind it.

Additional information:

In the picture I will attempt to attach you can see the file claiming to be 100% through the process, yet a small portion remains. Seconds after the screenshot was taken, the numbers dropped and it kept downloading.

For the first time ever, I noticed it said "flushing to disk" with a number every time it reached the supposed 100%, before having the percentage drop down.

If I'm missing any crucial information, tell me and I'll supply it.


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Looking into the existing torrents, those which downloaded more than needed are dated from March 7th. So it's been like this, maybe, for over a month.

Since I'm not home every day, don't add new torrents daily and delete some when done with, it's hard to estimate when it really began.

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