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Regarding µTorrent


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After installing the latest release (ver. 3.3 build 29544) I can't get µTorrent to show a list of the individual files with a check-box next to each one after clicking on a torrent link to d/l it, allowing me to select/deselect individual files within the torrent.

(Used to be I knew how to set up µTorrent to do this, as it doesn't do it by default, but forget how/where I did it).

Can anybody please wise me up?

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uTorrent has their own support boards.

Thank you for your terse rebuke dear Admin. I have used the µTorrent client for several years and their forum registration process just does not work, it's worse than pulling teeth trying to get through the registering rigmarole. In comparison, here I was done in the expected 5-7 minutes.

Despite knowing I would probably not succeed, I made several tries registering with µTorrent Forums yesterday before trying what is advertized as a general bittorrent forum; you good folks here;)

I am also a member, successfully registered and receiving helpful, friendly replies - at some 80-90 forums since early 2000 so I am familiar with the registration process - and there is something wrong with the µTorrent Forums registration course.

Can I please get some help now?

Thank you:)

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Most of that problem is actually because of hotmail, and it's a hotmail side issue.

Maybe so, but I avoid Microsofts products (IE, Hotmail) as far as possible and use Gmail and Chrome instead. It's the damndest thing but the µTorrent forum admin, whom I mailed yesterday re this, just does not answer.

So as of last night I run Vuze instead. Too bad though, because I really think µT has the edge on all the rest.

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It would be nice to have a *clear* explanation of the relationship between Bittorrent and µtorrent, because it looks they come from the very same team, and do the very same thing (!)

Just, that we installed µtorrent because it was a "lighter" app...


So, if we are wrong, we'd rather know it?

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