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torrent keeps downloading after the file seems to have been downloaded. Whats happening?


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Ok, so I downloaded a game from thepiratebay and it said that the file size was 7.27 GB, but yesterday it took the whole day and night to download only 6.3% of the file, but when I looked into the folder I was installing it showed that it was at 5.89 GB. Anyways I thought maybe it was a process mistake, so I waited another day checking once in a while in what process the download was, but after my third check I saw the full file size in my hard-drive that the game stated: 7.27GB in the file properties. I opened up the file to see if there was a virus or something I ran scan etc but nothing.

About now it is on 23% and it still downloading but now that I check the file in my disc its not getting bigger, it just stays in 7.27GB. What should I do? Cancel the download?

Here are some images :



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