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Seeding downloaded Torrents error


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NEWBIE ALERT. BE KIND, I'm just trying to do my part as part of the community...

I have downloaded some torrents and I'd like to continue to seed out, but I'm having a problem once I move the full file.

I download the torrent, it finishes, and I'm able to seed the files once they are complete, however the downloaded files are very large, and I need to move them off my local machine on to a NAS. Once I move the downloaded file, the torrent stops seeding. I'd like to start the seeding again, however I have no idea how to link the .torrent file to the source file that I moved. This is a public file, so I don't want to create a new .torrent, as I'm afraid that others won't be able to find it.

One thing I tried was to go to the Lables tab, and I find the history of the file but it shows red and the text - Error: ReadFromDisk: The sytem cannot find the path specified (see below).

I recheck, and then start, but it tries to start the download again, instead of seeding. Any help would be appreaciated.

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