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cannot sync different users due to permissions.


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I am looking to replace my syncing program called Synk from decimus.

But I ran into this permissions issue and wondered if there is a way around it.

I am using Mac OS X.

Let's say I AFP into ComputerA logging in as UserB, and put a file in UserA's directory. Bittorrent Sync copies the file to computerB into UserA directory no problem. While on computerB, UserA deletes the file that was put there from UserB. Instead of deleting the file on ComputerA, it copies the file that I just deleted back onto ComputerB.

There are other things for example I can rename the file that was copied over to computerB to something else, but it will not rename it on ComputerA, but rather it'll have the old copy of the file from before I renamed it and the new file that I just renamed. But on computerB, It'll copy back the original file that I renamed.

My other syncing problem does not have this problem(i believe it runs in admin mode), and hope bittorrent will be able to handle this as well.

Any help or suggestions or even an feature update?



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