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Problem upgrading from 7.8 to 7.8.1


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I run Bittorrent on a Windows Vista machine.

For all software installs and maintenance I have an Admin account.

I have always (7.8 & prior) installed and maintained BitTorrent s/w on my Admin account and run from a non-admin account.

For 7.8 & prior:

seemed to be installed on C:\Program Files\Bit Torrent directory

I could install and run BT on Admin account (for testing) which had its own local BT control files. Shutdown and Run BT on user account (different local control files).

After Install/upgrade to 7.8.1:

With 7.8.1 install goes to userid's local appdata\Bit Torrent directory.

When starting BitTorrent 7.8.1 from non-privledged account it wants to run in admin mode and picks up the admin ID's local setting, torrents and not the local users bittorrent ones (from 7.8 & prior).

Oh,. I only run one instance of BT on the machine & my network at a time either Admin, if maintaining, or my non-admin ID (typical long runnning BT location)

Any suggestions? Reinstall BT 7.8 or is there other install options to control where BT installs & operates from in 7.8.1?

Thanks for any suggestions


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When you installed BT 7.8 and prior, it installed in "Programs" AND "Administrator/All UsersApplication Data/Bit Torrent."(XP) WIN7 has a different path, but "Programs" is not the active BT Folder. The active BT folder is in Start/Users/Admin/Roaming/ApplicationData/Bittorrent[i'm doing this from a bad memory so don't quote me]. There are several App Data files so you'll have to find the right one. But that file is the "active" BT file...not the file in "programs". If you do a clean reinstall of BT, you have to delete ALL BT folders including the "hidden" one in the APP Data Folder.

When you import a torrent, it goes into the BT folder in AppData[by default], not the BT in "Programs"[unless you changed the default location]

All of this is in the main administrative section of Windows. PS be sure and open the folder in AppData, you should find a copy of every torrent you've ever downloaded in there, including the ones you thought were deleted.

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Yup, thanks. This is the way it worked. I only installed 1 copy of the executables into system Program files directory and the Admin user and normal non-privledged user each had their own set of "control" files (torrents etc) under their individual roaming app data directory. Only 1 instance is ever run at a time. And rarely is the privledged one ever used (retrieve Linux OS & s/w distributions).

The way 7.8.1 upgrade installed threw me. When I get some time to get back to it I intend to reinstall & see if I can resume my operation per the pre-7.8.1 model.

I prefer to control my upgrades and installs & do not like the "normal" windows operation of running under an administrative ID. If anything asks for my password to install/upgrade or modify anything not reachable within my non-privledged ID's control I can double check, ensure s/w origins and schedule my maintenance to prevent malware & viruses getting hold of my machine. Not perfect but it has localized malware impact to only a single ID and not the system on many occasions.

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