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Reseeding a torrent that has been removed


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I think you're SOL on that one.

I believe once its removed from BT, BT won't allow it back. Kind of a self-protection feature.

I know YOU would never want to do anything harmful....but there are some who would take a safe DL, remove it, corrupt and infect it, and then replace it, then reseed it, and get kick out of infecting unsuspecting DLers.

If you want to reseed a past torrent, you'll have to upload back onto the Inet. I know you've seen entries for torrents where the numbers say Seeds 0 Leechers 0, thats from people trying to reseed "removed" torrents. Nobody DLs those entries. At least nobody with any smarts DLs those entries. You might get more than you bargained for.

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