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Resuming torrents doesn't work on program relunch


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I have an strange problem, but let me say that it's a little old now, but today I decided to ask for some help.

When I came to forum, I saw a topic (http://forum.bittorr...ons-are-broken/), similar to my problem, I should say the same but a bit different.

In the past, I used to pause my torrents when I wanted to exit the BitTorrent, because if I exit the BitTorrent, while downloading, it would check every torrents I was downloading, so I had to pause them first (please tell me if it's normal or not?).

Someday, I updated my BitTorrent, not sure which version I was on or which version I updated to, but when I updated everything was fine, till I paused my torrents, re-stared my PC and resumed the torrents, and BOOM, any torrents I was uploading or downloading stopped.

The person on that topic I mentioned earlier, says the torrents they download gets a finished status, but mine just stops.

Now the only way I can exit the BitTorrent is to enable the Scheduler; I set it to never download so when I enable it, it just stops downloading and uploading and I can exit the BitTorrent safely!

EDIT: If I pause the torrents, exit the BitTorrent and then run it again, the only way I can resume my torrents is to select them all, by sorting them with status, and click on "Start Torrent", otherwise they get stopped.

So, what would be the problem?

And I'm running BitTorrent V7.8.1 B30004, Win 7 32-Bit.


I have to thank you all for making the BitTorrent better. I had a problem with it and it just got better, actually it doesn't exist anymore. The problem was...checking the downloading each torrent when BitTorrent had an forced/unexpected closing; In the past, it would take a very very huge time to check the downloading torrents, especially the huge ones (+20 GB), but now it checks all torrents in no time! So thanks a lot.

I have few update issues too, doesn't bother me a lot so I'm not gonna post them. Just wanted to tell.

Thanks a bunch.

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I have similar problem.

I have an interrupted downloading files 69.5GB saves to my external 1TB drive which was almost finish 95% already the I lost internet the connection unexpectedly.

Since I lost the internet connection I used a USB with internet package on it and get connected again. However, in the BitTorent downloading page it says error and I click Force to Start hoping to resume from 95% because the external drive containing the same file is available but it did not happened because the file was started donwloading to another drive and its started from "Zero %" instead of resuming from 95%.

My question, how can I resume to download from 95%? The file is available on my external drive without altering or moving.

Please help me. You know that 95% it took 3 to 4 months for me to wait.

Thank your for your help.

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