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Could I request that the Lables item be a text or ini or such file so that when I'm not currently d/l ing an item that uses that lable that the lable not be lost?


I use the option to have the finished file reside in a folder named after the lable.. but if I don't d/l something with that lable/destination for awhile (and move/delete the last file that used it)  then the lable has to be re keyed... I often wind up with 3 or 4 folders with the same name but in different ways  eg Folder One/folder One / Folderone / folderOne  etc


I know it's not the biggest request you ever got but it would make me (and I suspect, others) happier..

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Persistent labels in the preferences.


OK.. Found them..sort of


It would ne nice if they were persistant as you enter them rather than to "hand carve" them in the Extra Stuff area..


But thank you for pointing them out.. I'll try them now

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OK I've been using the Persistant lables since it was pointed out to me and I've discovered a curious quirk... If I create a new lable for a new download, then go to use that lable again, it's not in the list in alpha order but rather at the bottom .. Not a big deal though..

Now if they can just get the lable > Directory thing fixed... ;)

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