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Beamer Smith

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Could I request that the Lables item be a text or ini or such file so that when I'm not currently d/l ing an item that uses that lable that the lable not be lost?


I use the option to have the finished file reside in a folder named after the lable.. but if I don't d/l something with that lable/destination for awhile (and move/delete the last file that used it)  then the lable has to be re keyed... I often wind up with 3 or 4 folders with the same name but in different ways  eg Folder One/folder One / Folderone / folderOne  etc


I know it's not the biggest request you ever got but it would make me (and I suspect, others) happier..

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OK I've been using the Persistant lables since it was pointed out to me and I've discovered a curious quirk... If I create a new lable for a new download, then go to use that lable again, it's not in the list in alpha order but rather at the bottom .. Not a big deal though..

Now if they can just get the lable > Directory thing fixed... ;)

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