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torrent magnet not working


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thanks for advce  Harry


 in   BTorrent    preferences  ..............enable  DHT  network  is  ticked 


enable  UDP  tracker support  is  ticked


as to proxy,  dont think Im on a proxy,  as far as I know.




Its another day,  just been on   pirate bay  using  fire fox browser,  the magnets  are nt working  again.


I cant   seem to get the torrent  any other way,    I end up  downloading some kind of  application



The only way Im managing to get the odd torrent is with   Monova . org


I hit the torrent in the list...  then  with luck    I scroll down and  see.... Download  via Torrent...


I hit that  and  a  nice , round , old fashioned torrent appears in my documents,


I hit that and the   bit torrent  software comes up  and  bingo, at last the torrent is  home  safe and secure.



Another  hit on  a torrent in the Monova  list might take me  to    a ......  join Usenet  page,  which 

probably requires  cash  somewhere down the line  ?



 but for the moment  I  cant get hold of   Pir Bay torrents,  nor  Kick A   torrents.

cant think why  things should be this difficult !

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THANKS  for the info,     for  proxy   there  is ..... none


I have avast  antivirus    free version  installed and  do a full scan every  tues.


I  do a scan with ... superantispyware   free  edition perhaps  twice  per week 


with   Bit Lord   now  installed  I have no probs getting  pirate bay  torrents,  and  theres even a 

seach  inside the  Bit Lord  window   where you can get  torrents.


So  Ill  prob  keep  using  Bit Lord  for the  time  being !

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Yet you leave  up advice to install bitlord, which is nothing but a spyware infested ripoff of another program...  Interesting. I didn't say it failed to work for me , ONLY that it didn't work with proxies. It still works fine on piratebay.se, which is a working fix for me.

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1- Open BitTorrent.

2- Go to Option.

3- Then go to Preferences.

4- Here in "General" you will see button "Associate with torrent files" click it.

and you have done.

Now you can open any torrent site and download will be start as before.




"Don't try to become a man of success, but try to become a man of Values"

M.A Sid


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