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~$ temporary Word / Excel / files hanging on btsync - special characters ?

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Greetings BTSync forum:


I've been using BTSync for months now.  It has worked flawlessly for me with directories containing huge amounts of data (several gig).  I keep a laptop at home running BTSync, Teamviewer, Bittorrent, etc etc.  I use another laptop on the road (at work) and sync files back and forth without any problem.


However, I have ran across a situation that I believe may be a bug.  A previous poster from this thread: http://forum.bittorrent.com/topic/17448-btsync-no-start-syncing/  indicated they were having problems with "special characters" hanging the BTSync process.


I am having trouble with BTSync hanging after I open a Word or Excel file.  After the file (any file) is opened, a temporary file with ~$ added to the beginning of the filename is created as part of Microsoft Office's "AutoRecover" process.  The file "~$filename.docx" will be created and synced, but when I close the file and the "~$filename.docx" is removed, the sync process hangs in BTSync.


Has anyone else experienced this issue?


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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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