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The Infamous I/O Device Error


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So I've been downloading stuff just fine, but then I came up with one game I really wanted to download. However the I/O device came up.


I kinda got over the error by unchecking and checking Options/Preferences/advanced/Disk Cache/ Enable cache of disk writes.


But this also means that it's a bug and not my hard drive's fault as many people tend to say. I have done every possible test, fixed every error, did the restarts, checked the cables, all fine all working. It's not the hard drive. It only comes up when I try to DL CERTAIN files.


Either ways, when will there be a fix? Perhaps I'm wrong? Perhaps it's really my drive? But if so, why does it give me the error even if I have everything working fine?(no faulty cable, no error, did error checks, works fine for everything else)

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