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Works fine until I enter in proxy server info, then just stalls at 'connecting to peers'


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Hi, and thanks in advance for any help.  In decided to use a proxy server and after following this guide and setting up the connections properties exactly as instructed i get stalled with the 'connecting to peers' message.


I'm at a bit of a loss here, but thinking it may have something to do with port forwarding on my router...just a hunch from some info I've picked up reading some threads of people with similar issues.


Again, this is not an issue with my ISP or anything like that as far as I can tell since when I set the proxy server type no 'none' and recheck all the four boxes above that (Enable UPnP, Enable NAT-PMP, Add windows firewall) it works fine.


Possibly on a side note, how does checking these boxes, as the previously mentioned instructions say to uncheck them, affect my anonymity?


Can someone please give a recommendation as to some troubleshooting steps to take or if you need more info ask.






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