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Bittorrent Download/torrent List Vanished After Windows Crash, How To Get It Back? Please Help ..


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Windows had a BSOD event and only Firefox and BitTorrent where running (maybe flash was responsible).
After the restart when opened BitTorrent client the download list was empty but it still had my settings..

How could i get my list back?
Is there some file that stores the list ? If so what's the name and where it supposed to be ?

I'm canning my HDD now for "deleted" / "destroyed" files.
And searching my"\AppData\Roaming\BitTorrent" folder for any clues.



(there was no help anywhere on the internet aboat this kind of problem that i could find)

BitTorrent 7.8.1 (build 30016) [32-bit] & Windows 7 [64-bit]

Have not had any problems like this never before, and i'm clueless,
Please help.

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 thanks but i allready read that toppic and it was not the same problem as i had.
I had not lost the torrent files or deleted anything but the data/all the list data just disapared.

Now after allmoast 3,5 hours trying to find out what happened and how to fix it, i know what happened and managed to fix it myself (not a noob).
Will share with others to help them out in the future:

After finding the exact time of crash and restored 8,36 GB (8 986 106 962 bytes) of data that was changed at the aproximate time the chrash happened.
Then started to one by one go ower the filenames and sizes and tried to figure out wich of them could to anything with the download list, so i opened them up with notepad to try to find anything that says it's the bittorrent data file, then i found it.


In the
there was a file with same name but empty.

So when the crash happened the file got damaged(corrupted) and when i opened BitTorrent after computers reboot it made a new "resume.dat" file that was empty.

So if anyone has the same problem then you need to do a timed recovery fror files on your harddrive (takes hours to search and recover, but most times if done right after, will not lose the data).

The best to all :)


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