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Torrents : Finding Peers ... Forever


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Hello everyone


i got this problem yestrday when i restarted my computer to today , My torrents says : finding peers

DHT status is : 0 nodes (login) or waiting to log in

Speed is under 1 kb/s like 100bytes... some times it hops to 800 bytes

Peers no peers , seeds... loaded but on the site torrent got a lot of seeds and some leechers

-What i tried

-Uninstaled norton antivirus , and left one on my computer : Microsoft Security Essential , it worked while these two was in there

-Removed 4 dht files in appdata

-Protocol Encryption switched to forced or allowed

-Reinstalled bittorrent and removed torrents (not the data)

-Runned antivirus (Microsoft Essentials)

-Turned off firewall

-Tryed other torrents

-Used ccleaner

I also got modem , no router , torrents was working for me fine for 2 years or more and now this

-Please help :(

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hi yes have the same problem same messages conecting to peers down speed 0.0kb/100.0kb same with up speed tried everthing uninstall reinstall checked firewall even set my computer back to factory settings but my internet connection is normal speeds while on the web and I called the internet provider and the say its not them my provider is virgin mobile and I have the mifi device please help!!!

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im haviung the same problem i have virgin, i used another provider and the torrents work fine, the problem with virgin started bout jan 2014 sometime, seems to be dropping peers it will get like 3 then to 0 then like 4 the to 0 , i use adownloader or utorrent and virgin wont work on anything phone, wifi,mifi, i used verizon to try and it worked just fine, it has to be the provider ,in my case virgin mobile

and im not sure what to do ,i guess switch providers, when i have virgin phones and wifi, man!!! they suk ,if anyone would know why it all of a sudden started doing this let me know thx

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