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Torrents Are A Pain


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 Ive  made  torrents  of  about  4  vid  files  recently

each  vid  was about  2 mins.


I  made a torrent with  my  bit  torrent  window,

and  also  with   bitlord


I  put  the  files  up  with   extra torrent


all seemed ok ,  but  ...  4 weeks  later,  looking at the 

files in  bitlord

 upload   ... 0

download  0

   I  just wonder if  the  trackers  are  working

oh  this  is  so  efin   frustrating

 does anyone give a stuff ?

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they dont seem to make it  easy to   fine  good  trackers,

you d  think that the  software would  automatically  asign them to the  file

that  you  make  a torrent  for.


In the  end you are  just  sharing  stuff,  putting  it  up  into orbit  for  anyone to


 the  torrent, as far as I can figure is   just  an  address.....  exact instructions  as to

where your  file  is  stored on your  computor.


The  torrent  sites  can be a pain too,  I have the feeling  that  if  they  dont

particularly  like the  file or  clip  you are  sharing, they just delete it on a  whim

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