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Utorrent Webui Issues


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Let me start by saying I am not particularly technologically savvy, but I have thoroughly attempted to solve this problem before coming here so at this point I would appreciate any help you have to offer smile.png I'm currently running Windows 7 on my PC, my build number of uTorrent is 30660, 32-bit, and I have Windows Firewall Advanced Security but I'm fairly confident I've allowed both utorrent and bittorrent to bypass the security restrictions. 

When I attempt to open a file on bittorrent, it sends me this message:
"The µTorrent WebUI does not seem to be installed. Click here to try to install it, or see the guide for more details."
Neither links connected me to anything, so I tried googling the phrase and I was able to turn on the WebUI on utorrent but the problem has still persisted. I also attempted visiting this link with the appropriate information entered: http://yourip:yourport/gui/ but that also did not connect me to any website; on one tutorial I found, it said this indicated a networking problem but I am unsure of how to fix that.  

Thank you in advance! 

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