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(With Pictures) Download Status Bar Percentage Drastically Reducing Every Reboot


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I'm currently downloading a 20gb file which is 39% complete already (which is supposed to be 50% now) I restarted my bittorent and still the same thing and even did a Force Re-check. Now, the problem is here, I rebooted my computer, started Bittorrent and a recheck was done. after the recheck was done, it changed to 30% which drastically reduced my downloaded data file transfer. What is the effect of a reboot of a computer to Bittorrent? is it Connection issues? Disk? Here is a picture:




And here is my "Files tab" which wasn't affected at all.





Could someone tell if I should be worried about this? :(

I saw this post/topic which was last year but I see no solution for this Problem.


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